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Serious Defense For Tough Cases

Anytime a child is involved in a crime, it raises an already difficult matter matters to another level of severity. And it puts those accused in an even more difficult position. These cases are perhaps some of the most delicate and sensitive a person could be involved in.

These cases are very different than other sexual assault cases. When a minor is involved, the Child Advocacy Center near Kaufman, Texas, plays a role in the case. And the interview with the involved minor becomes the core of these cases.

It’s more crucial than ever to have a highly experienced and skilled attorney by your side when facing allegations or charges of sexual assault of a child. These are tough cases, but I’ve handled a lot of them in my years of practice. I am attorney Joseph Bogen, and I equipped to take your case. I have a lot of experience sifting through these interviews and interacting with the Child Advocacy Center.

Protecting Your Interests And Your Future

It’s all too common for a jury to be more inclined to believe a child, especially in these types of cases. But a thorough investigation and a skilled attorney can be more convincing. Not all lawyers are equipped to handle this type of criminal matter, though.

When you work with me, I start by performing an intense investigation into your case. If there’s a mistake, a lie or anything overlooked, I’ll find it. I know how to put together a compelling case in your favor, backed by facts and evidence.

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