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The Attorney You Want In Your Corner When Your Child’s Future Is At Stake

A mistake shouldn’t run your child’s life. But sometimes the mistakes are serious and come with serious consequences. And when this happens, you need someone on your side who can truly defend your family and protect your child’s future.

Not all attorneys are truly capable of handling juvenile crimes in Kaufman County. I am attorney Joseph Bogen and I’ve helped more families than anyone else I know in the area keep their child’s future intact. Defending kids and helping them resolve their mistakes is the heart of my practice.

What Are We Up Against?

Minors can be charged with any crime than an adult can. And while sometimes the consequences can be lighter, the charges are just as serious. And they can quickly have a real effect on your child’s future.

In fact, one of the main differences between juvenile and adult court is that the juvenile justice system moves much faster than the adult criminal justice system. Minors charged with a crime can get a detention hearing in as little as 48 hours. And, in the juvenile system, there is no bail. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to move quickly after your child is arrested.

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of my best traits. When you contact me, I won’t hesitate to take immediate action on your child’s behalf.

Tough Defense When The Stakes Are High

When it comes to juvenile crime, the stakes are just as high as with any other charge. If sentenced, your child faces juvenile detention and a host of other lasting consequences. A charge affects your child’s long-term future and opportunities.

I am well-versed in these types of matters, and I’ve spent years defending minors in juvenile court. I understand the system and how it works. More importantly, I know how to make it work in your child’s favor. My practice is centered on tough defense and I don’t back down. I have the winning record to prove it.

When you need to safeguard your child and their future, turn to an lawyer with real, applicable experience and an attitude of dedication and resiliency. Find out more about how I can help you keep your family strong by contacting me today.

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If your child has been arrested for any type of crime in Texas, you need to act fast. Contact me today to get more information about how I can start helping you and your child immediately.

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