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I Don’t Take Drug Charges Lightly

Drug charges are one of the more common types of criminal charges, but that does not mean they should be taken lightly. A drug charge can have a permanent effect on your life, in many different ways. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right help, you can leave these charges in your past.

I am attorney Joe Bogen and I have a great deal of experience helping people with these matters. I can protect your interests and your future. Get started with a call or an email.

The Defense Attorney Cops Hate

I’ve spent years in criminal defense and I’ve helped countless people take care of their charges. That’s why I’m the defense attorney that police officers love to hate in Kaufman County. I have the winning trial record to prove it, too.

When you hire me, I go over your case thoroughly. If the cops made a mistake anywhere, I’ll find it and use it to our advantage. You can rely on me to protect you and your rights at every turn. I’ll advocate for you and make sure you feel heard, even when it’s tough.

What’s At Stake?

Drug charges carry some of the most serious consequences of any crime. And these cases can be particularly tricky to navigate, because the charges and consequences vary based on the circumstances of your arrest.

The most common types of drug charges are:

  • Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Trafficking

And all come with different repercussions ranging from fines to prison time and other things in between. I have experience with it all, and involving all types of drugs. There are few attorneys who can match my judgement and record in Kaufman County.

Find Out More About Your Case

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused after being charged with a drug crime in Texas. I’m here to help you sort through the mess and then stand up for your rights in court. Contact me today to find out more about your case and how a proven lawyer can help you.

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